Zigzag Antalya Lara Preschool

Zigzag Kids Club was established in 2008 by Ziggy Ören, a British early years teacher with 15 years experience. Originally Zigzag was an English Language Mother and Baby Programme and over time our babies and Zigzag grew to become an English language preschool for children aged 2-6. In a short space of time Zigzag Kids Club has gained a reputation for high quality English education in a caring, safe and fun environment.

Our Story

I have been a teacher of young children for fifteen years, in both England and Turkey. As a qualified Early Years and English specialist I know how important it is for children to learn through play. They learn more easily and are able to retain much more information when they are having fun.  I have found that teaching English through the use of games, music, everyday conversations and activities is a very successful way of encouraging proficiency and confidence in the language.

When our daughter was born we knew we wanted to bring her up bilingual so I started to research how young brains acquire language.  I learned that all babies have the ability to learn any language in the world during their first few months but they start to focus only on the sounds of the languages they hear every day by about nine months.  This made me even more convinced that the earlier children begin to hear a foreign language the better.

This idea led to the creation of Zigzag, a place where even the youngest babies can be exposed to English and where all children can have fun and develop their language skills in a natural environment.  We started with just a couple of Mother and Baby groups a week which quickly grew to a full programme of activities every day.  Over time our classes became more popular and our parents started pushing us to open a preschool for their growing babies.

As the first of its kind in Antalya our first few years have been great fun and we have all learned a lot.  With the support and encouragement of our happy parents we  are very excited to offer the children of Antalya not only a new approach to learning English but a new approach to preschool education where children are encouraged to be creative and confident individuals with a passion for learning.

Our Vision

  • We always respect every child as an individual person with their own personality and set of needs. We treat all children and adults with equal concern and we promote positive images of race, culture, gender, disability and ethnicity.
  • We look to provide a close and secure relationship between your child and our staff. They will be cared for to the highest possible standard in a loving and enjoyable environment. Our dedication to the wellbeing and care of your child ensures that we can provide a stimulating, safe and fun environment.
  • We aim to develop a close partnership with parents to help achieve a relaxed yet professional relationship. Our two-way communication with parents ensures that we provide each child with the best care and education that also reflects their individual needs.
  • We strive for children at Zigzag to be happy, motivated, creative, confident, polite, kind to others and to show respect. We help to prepare them to be independent individuals who are ready to face the challenges that life at ‘big school’ and beyond will bring.

Our Facilities

Zigzag Kids Club and Creche is situated in a five storey detached building within its own grounds in Lara, Antalya. The building adheres to all current building and fire regulations providing a safe environment in which children can learn.  Our classrooms are very spacious and are equipped with plenty of toys and activities to stimulate children’s imaginations. Each group has their own classroom and there is a separate sleep room, dining room and play room. The kitchen is fully fitted with industrial fittings to ensure the highest standard of hygiene.  

Our building is surrounded by gardens on each side and each area has a different purpose designed to encourage cooperative play and stimulate children’s creativity. The gardens contain a large sandpit, a rope course, a chalk board and activity walls as well as cars, scooters and bicycles.  We also have a school hobby garden where each class has its own area to plant, look after, measure and record their own flowers and vegetables.

Antalya Zigzag Preschool and Kindergarten