Childhood is not a race to see how quickly children can learn to read, write and count. It is a short space of time for them to learn and develop in a manner and at a pace individual to each child. At Zigzag Kids Club preschool we give kids the freedom and the responsibility to learn about the world around them the way they know best – through play.


Preschool, play group, kindergarten and creche in Antalya Lara

Individual Approach

We recognise that children are all different and they don’t develop in a standard linear manner.  Each child must follow their own path – hence the name, Zigzag.

International Curriculum

At Zigzag Kids Club children follow a mixed British and Turkish curriculum as they learn English in a truly international environment.

Innovative Programmes

Zigzag Kids Club is an educational leader in Antalya, constantly researching, evaluating and implementing the most up to date educational programmes.

Family Environment

Zigzag Kids Club is family run, meaning your child enters a home from home atmosphere that is warm, inviting and safe.

Native Speaker Teachers

All our class teachers are native English speakers, ensuring your child has the most natural introduction to English.

Play Based Curriculum

There are no formal lessons at Zigzag, just hands on, play based activities that enable children to construct and internalise their own learning.

The best start for your children

We all know how important learning English is in the modern world. It is the language of global communication and business. Giving your child the chance to be exposed to English at an early age is giving them the best possible start in life. At Zigzag your children will be immersed in an English speaking environment as they play and learn allowing them to acquire the language rather than just memorise it. They therefore learn English as naturally as they learn their native language.


It’s never too early

Zigzag began life as an English language Mother and Baby group and was the first of its kind in Antalya.  Now we have grown into a preschool we have not forgotten our roots.  We offer a full programme of Mother and Baby groups in English for babies from birth to three years old for you to enjoy with your child.  Your baby can begin to learn how to socialise and participate in structured activities with you by their side. It’s a fun way for them to take the first steps in their formal education and a wonderful way to strengthen your bond with your child.

Where Music and Learning Play

Kindermusik is the world’s leading English music and movement programme. Zigzag is proud to be the only official Kindermusik representative in Antalya. Using music, which stimulates and enhances language acquisition, and whole-body physical expression, which improves retention, each lesson in this curriculum makes teaching English to children effective and enjoyable for all students.

Mathematics is everywhere

Mathazone Forest is a wonderful place where children come face to face with everyday real life problems and learn how to solve them.  With entertaining stories and loveable characters Mathazone is a specially designed education programme for preschoolers that provides them with a solid foundation in mathematical concepts while teaching them how to plan, think, analyse, interpret and evaluate. Everything is connected to everything else and the Mathazone programme shows us how we can use mathematics as a thinking model in our real lives and in our education.

Games that train the brain

All the children aged 3-6 at Zigzag benefit from learning and playing mind games each week. These games are designed to develop children’s fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, social development and self-esteem. We follow the PAL (Play and Learn) curriculum which introduces the children to 14 fun games over three years. Children learn best while having fun so playing mind games is a great way to get children to learn valuable skills and concepts while enjoying themselves.

Messy Play – A Zigzag Speciality!

Mess is an essential part of childhood.  Children, especially young children, need to explore their environment with all their senses. Children learn primarily through play, so combining their need to play and their need to explore often results in a mess. This is a part of childhood that we embrace at Zigzag and we allow our children the freedom to investigate the world around them by using all their senses, and if necessary, by making a mess!