This week we decided to share our playdough recipe.  When I say ‘our’ I can’t take credit for this fabulous recipe.  I found it here on one of my favourite websites for encouraging young children’s imaginations – The Imagination Tree.  Eva and I have tried it many times at home to great success so we thought it was time to share it with our Zigzag Babies.  First we put on our aprons and got ready to do some mixing.


Our older kids were really excited about this part of the process and got really into mixing the flour, salt and vegetable oil.  Then we added some boiling water and mixed until it became thick and, well, dough like.  Mums helped with this bit as the mixture got more and more difficult to stir.  Next we added some food colouring and the kids loved watching the dough change colour.


Everybody was very proud of their finished playdough and couldn’t wait to start playing with it.


Once the playdough was ready the younger babies wanted to join in the fun.  We got out some pasta shapes, bits of straws, pipe cleaners, forks, knives and cookie cutters and let them go wild.


It kept them occupied for ages and we all enjoyed playing with the playdough.  It has a lovely soft, squishy consistency – great for little hands.  I think it’s the vegetable oil that makes it so soft.  The best thing is that it lasts for ages in an airtight container and it’s so much cheaper than store bought playdough!