Zigzag Preschool (2-6) in Antalya


Antalya Preschool Mathazone Forest


Mathazone is a story based preschool programme that provides children with a strong mathematical foundation by exploring mathematical concepts in real life situations. Daily life issues develop emotional thinking as well as the analytical thinking ability of our children. Mathematics is integrated into all areas of the curriculum.  Maths is everywhere, just as in real life. At Zigzag Kids Club Mathazone activities are incorporated into every area of our classrooms through the learning centres system and into every aspect of school life.


What is Mathazone?

Mathazone is an educational system designed to provide children with a strong foundation in Mathematics to help them in their future lives.  First we introduce the children to the Mathazone Forest where they come face to face with issues that encompass every area of life.  For example, if the children are learning about circles they create artwork using circles. If they are learning the number 1 they explore musical patterns using the number 1.Young children want nothing more than to learn about the world around them and the Mathazone Forest gives them plenty of opportunities to do just that as they explore and investigate.  Here they combine fantasy and reality in a fun and meaningful way.

Why are children afraid of mathematics?

Children are actually afraid of abstract concepts.  Also traditional mathematics teaching has been based on memorising rather than experiencing.  If children understand the basic mathematical concepts from an early age they will have nothing to fear when they get older, rather they will enjoy mathematics.  For example, when children are told to calculate area they are often unable to understand why.  Children who learn in preschool that they need to find a carpet to fit their bedroom have nothing to fear from calculating area, to them it is just like a puzzle to be solved.  There is a logical order in Mathematics and the Mathazone system introduces children to concepts in a logical way.

Mathematics is everywhere

In life everything is connected to everything else and mathematics can be found in every area of our lives.  While listening to music, playing sports, cooking and even in our emotions we can see mathematical principles at work. There are always solutions to be found in life, we just need to think.  The aim of Mathazone is to teach children how to think from an early age.  Whatever their age, all children feel at home in the Mathazone Forest where they are treated as an individual with a unique set of skills.

How are Mathazone children different?

First of all, their concept of the whole picture is highly developed.  Because of all the events and problems they come across in the Mathazone Forest their thinking, questioning, solving and analytical skills are highly developed. They are also highly aware of the details of the world around them. They are solution focused and they know which solutions will make them happy.

Music (Kindermusik)

Music is an intrinsic part of our lives at Zigzag. We sing as we line up, tidy up, wash our hands etc.  We listen to music as we eat and play. All of our English teachers have been trained in Kindermusik and they teach one lesson of Kindermusik each week. As well as this structured music programme children also learn about a different composer each month.

Early Childhood Music and Movement Classes for Kids

Zigzag Kids Club is proud to be the first school in Antalya to introduce the world renowned Kindermusik music and movement programme. Trusted. Proven. Educational. And of course, fun! Kindermusik International is the world’s leading provider of music and movement programmes for young children, enjoyed by over 1 million families in more than 70 countries. Kindermusik offers developmentally-specific music classes for kids from newborn to age seven. The Kindermusik curriculum, based on the principals of Kodaly, Suzuki, and Orff, is taught by the best educators in the business. Why Kindermusik? It’s simple. Music is the best vehicle for early childhood learning. We want to empower  our parents and teachers to instill a lifelong love of music and learning in their children.

At Zigzag Kids Club all our children benefit from the Kindermusik programme.  We follow the Kindermusik curriculum in our Mother and Baby groups as well as in every class throughout the creche.

Teaching English to Children Across the World

Created by Kindermusik International, a leading provider of early childhood programmes, ABC English & Me combines over 30 years of experience with the most current early language learning methodologies for teaching ELL students. And it’s plenty of fun! The collection of thematic 30-minute lessons makes it easy for classroom teachers to  engage English language learners (ages 2 to 6) and introduce them to English vocabulary and expression in a lively and supportive environment. Using music, which stimulates and enhances language acquisition, and whole-body physical expressions, which improves retention, each lesson in this curriculum makes teaching English to children effective and enjoyable for all ELL students.

Forest School

Children nowadays spend about half as much time outdoors as their parents did. Fears for their safety have made us paranoid and technology has made us lazy. Our busy, over scheduled lives have left children with no time to enjoy the simple pleasure of playing freely outdoors. The forest schools movement started in Scandinavia over fifty years ago with the simple aim of allowing children the chance to get back to nature and to give them free, unstructured play time in order to develop. The movement has spread to many parts of Europe and North America and is now becoming more recognised in Turkey.

Forest school programmes give children the chance to spend a good part of their day playing freely in nature. They are encouraged to get dirty, explore, run, create and discover in the open air. At Zigzag all our children aged 3 and over go to the forest one day a week. They go with their class teachers and a specially trained forest teacher to the same place each week. There are streams running through the forest which the children wade through and play in. They make little boats from twigs and leaves or carry water to the plants in the forest. They create shelters for forest animals from fallen branches and inspect bugs in their natural environment. Although we follow a curriculum the children also get plenty of free time to explore and create.

What nature can do for children?

The benefits of being in nature are so powerful that doctors in Scotland are now able to prescribe nature as a form of treatment in various mental and physical illnesses.  Children who spend time outdoors benefit in numerous ways:

  • Confidence
  • Social Skills
  • Communication and language skills
  • Motivation and concentration
  • Physical skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Health

But most of all, going to the forest is fun! Away from the restrictions of walls and classroom rules the children really get to be free. They have less stress, get on better with their friends, learn how to entertain themselves and are generally happier and more creative when they are in the forest.

Branch Lessons

Cultural Days

Each month we learn about a different country as we try to open our children’s eyes to the fact that we live in a big, wide world full of different people and cultures. We look at the work of an artist from that country and listen to music by one of its most famous composers. Some children might learn a style of dance from that country while others might recreate its flag.  Each month we have a cultural day where we celebrate that country’s culture, try to meet people from that country and sample some of its delicious food.


Each month the children at Zigzag learn about a different artist.  Each artist is famous for using a certain technique so children are introduced to a variety of techniques, materials and styles. As well as being inspired by famous artists children have many opportunities to be creative. At Zigzag we believe all children are born artists and we never restrict their creativity.


We have a colourful little robot friend at Zigzag called ‘Beebot’. Even our smallest children can have fun programming Beebot to follow their instructions.  Beebot gives our children the chance to develop their critical thinking, processing and communication skills.  In the modern digital world, the language of computer programming is the true international language so learning these skills at a young age will give our children an advantage in the future.

Antalya Kreş Beebot

Messy Play

Messy Play is a Zigzag speciality and is unique to us.  It is a time for children to be completely free to explore a theme with all their senses.  Many activities are organised around a theme and the children can investigate, mix, get dirty, create and explore without the restrictions normally placed on them in a home or classroom environment.


Drama helps children develop their imaginations, communication skills and their self esteem.  They also learn to listen to others, take turns and share responsibility. Drama supports every area of the curriculum and encourages the development of literacy and numeracy skills. As the native language of most of our children is Turkish our drama lessons are taught by a Turkish speaking qualified drama teacher.