Mother and Baby Group (0-3 years) in Antalya

From the time they’re born babies are learning language naturally by observing the world around them.  First they listen, then they begin to understand and finally they start to speak.  While they are in this natural language learning phase it is extremely easy for them to learn other languages.  In our one hour sessions you can come and have fun with your infant and give them a chance to play and socialise while being immersed in an English speaking environment.

Music (0-12 months and 12-36 months)

All children love music and it is a natural way for them to relax and have fun. During our music sessions your child will have the opportunity to listen to different styles of music, play musical instruments, learn English songs and much more. It’s a chance for children to have a gentle introduction to socialisation and formal learning as we sit in a circle, join in songs and activities, take turns and share and play together.

Kindermusic lesson in Antalya kindergarten
Messy play in Antalya Kindergarten

Messy Play (0-12 months and 12-36 months) in Antalya

Kids love getting arty and creative in our messy play sessions. Let them have the chance to release their inner artist while learning English at the same time – and all in an environment where you don’t have to worry about the cleaning up!  Our activities include painting, collage, cooking to name but a few. For our younger babies we concentrate on exciting activities to stimulate all their senses including light shows, puppets, rainbow scarves and much more.