I had the idea to make wind chimes while Eva and I were playing in the very windy park on Sunday.  We had a great time even though we were the only ones there!  Anyway, I thought it would be nice to make some colourful wind chimes to hang on the balcony for the next windy day.  So we got out the collage materials and the kitchen roll tubes we’ve been collecting for ages and got busy with some sticking!


First we stuck coloured paper all over the kitchen roll tubes.  The kids loved playing with the glue and glue spreaders.  It’s always really interesting to see how different kids react with the materials.  Some really concentrated on spreading the glue very carefully on the tubes while others (my daughter) had more fun spreading it all over their hands!


Then we added some little details like glitter and feathers to make our wind chimes extra special. Then we stuck multi-coloured streamers inside one end of the tube to give our wind chimes some movement.  Mummies needed to help a little bit with this stage.


Finally we punched holes in the top of our wind chimes and threaded pink ribbon through them to hang them up with.


It was great fun to watch the kids getting stuck into this activity.  It gave them the chance to develop their fine motor skills by using glue spreaders and their aesthetic creativity by using lots of different colours and materials.